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Indiance performance charges are based on an hourly rate. This is from time of arrival to end of the final performance. In one hour we can present a maximum of 2 items. We only perform 5 minutes at most at a time, because this is more enjoyable for audiences.


We are happy to change costumes in between performances. We will pick the songs as we feel appropriate for each event and also the dances we know audiences love. We can also send you song options so you can pick any preferences that you would like.


On the event day, we will need a person to liase with our manager. We will arrive 15min before the performance. Our manager will bring the dancers out when you are ready for the performance. We can email our dance audio track over beforehand, and also have a copy on us just in case.


Thank you for considering Indiance for your next event. We are more than happy to discuss specific details, or new ideas with you to make your event a memorable one for everyone. We have been performing at all types of events and occasions for over 16 years. We are experienced and professional and look forward to making your event a success.

Performance Options:

1 hour = Max 2 items of 5 minutes, with 6-8 dancers: $600

30 min = 1 item of 5 minutes, with 6-8 dancers: $400

1 hour = Max 2 items of 4 minutes, with 4-5 dancers: $450

30 min = 1 item of 4 minutes, with 4-5 dancers: $300

If you would like to hire us for your next event please contact us via the link below.

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