Our Dance School

From over 15 years experience in teaching and choreographing, we train our students to be accurate, versatile and expressive performers. We are a 100% volunteer organisation. All our teachers invest in our students out of pure love and passion for Bollywood Dance.  

Classes are held weekly for students aged 5 through till 35 in our studio in Lynfield. We currently have six classes with approximately 60 students. Our aim is to spread Bollywood Dance and encourage all to step out of their comfort zones. We believe in training, in correct technique and growth. With Indiance, students gain confidence, learn about Indian culture and make plenty of new friends.

Dance classes follow normal school terms and are held once a week for one and a half hours. Dances which are learnt during the classes are incorporated into our 2 yearly productions. We endeavour to showcase what the students have learnt throughout their time at Indiance through the production, showcases, festivals and events

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Junior Class

Intermediate Class

Senior Class


Our AMAZING Dance Teachers


Akshita Nama

Founder, Director, Head Choreographer & Teacher

Akshita has been teaching dance for over 20 years. She has a passion for Bollywood, teaching, learning and growing. She is the visionary behind all the madness and is a constant inspiration to the dance school.

Technique, growth & practice is a key value in our school and she leads by example as she continues to train in Kathak while running a dance school. 

Akshita has a natural ability to listen to songs and visualise what she wants the dance to look and feel like. She gives endless encouragement and opportunities for her students to perform, whether it be in our grand theatrical Bollywood shows, Charity events or other private performances. 

We are grateful to have such an incredible mentor to learn and be empowered from. 


Rachna Govind

Founder, Teacher, Admin & Accounts Manager

Rachna has been teaching dance for over 16 years. She's passionate about her students and pushes them towards excellence. 

Not only can she dance, choreograph and teach, Rachna also does all the admin & manages the accounts. She is continuously ensuring our students have opportunities to perform at events which helps them build confidence in themselves and as a dancer. 

Managing and liaising with clients/managers/event co-ordinators and our dancers can be so hard, however Rachna ensures everyone is well looked after. We are grateful to have her on our team. 


Kajal Patel

Teacher & Events Co-Ordinator

Kajal is an infectious, fun and positive teacher to our junior students as well as being an amazing performer she is also an amazing nurse.

Kajal has many skills. She helps co-ordinate events, organises lists, costumes and timelines for all the dancers for any upcoming performances or events. 

Organisation is key when performing at events and we are lucky to have Kajal on our team. 


Vaishnavi Mistry

Teacher, Head of Make Up & Social Media Creator

Vaishnavi works hard as a performer and as a teacher to our students.

During video shoots, performances or shows, Vaishnavi expresses her creativity through her love for make up. She ensures all our dancers look the part with extravagant, bold and beautiful make up. Lets face it, thats what Bollywood is all about. 

She also runs all the social media pages and creates content for all our audience to see what Indiance has been or is currently up to. 

She's a woman of many talents and we're proud to have her as a part of our team. 


Anjali Rattan

Teacher & Social Media Creator

She's a Chiropractor who loves to dance. Anjali has been with Indiance for over 12 years and is now enjoying passing down what she has learnt. She is trained in Bharatanatyam and has experience in Kathak too. 

Anjali as a teacher loves to focus on technique, strength and drilling in the basics. She loves watching the growth that the students go through as they move into different classes. 

She also, along with Vaishnavi, manages all the social media accounts, website and creates content to post.


Riya Mangabhai

Teacher & Head of Hair Styling

Riya is one of our longest standing students & is passionate about  perfectionism and her students portray just that. She's an inspirational teacher and captivating performer. She loves teaching so much that she is currently studying to become a teacher.

Hair styling is another amazing skill Riya has. For all our shows, performances and events, Riya helps create and leads our hair team. 

We are thankful to have Riya on our team who makes all our students look picture perfect. 


Neelam Patel


Primary school teacher and dance teacher, Neelam has a passion to inspire and encourage our junior students to grow.

In the Junior class foundational moves are fundamental as it sets the baseline to build on, as they move into higher classes. Neelam is patient, kind and very nurturing and the students are incredibly lucky to learn from.

Neelam is another long standing student of ours and we are grateful to have her in our team.