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Our Dance School

From over 20 years experience in teaching and choreographing, we train our students to be accurate, versatile and expressive performers. We are a 100% volunteer organisation. All our teachers invest in our students out of pure love and passion for Bollywood Dance.  

Classes are held weekly for students aged 5 through till 35 in our studio in Lynfield. We currently have six classes with approximately 70 students. Our aim is to spread Bollywood Dance and encourage all to step out of their comfort zones. We believe in training, in correct technique and growth. With Indiance, students gain confidence, learn about Indian culture and make plenty of new friends.

Dance classes follow normal school terms and are held once a week for one and a half hours. Dances which are learnt during the classes are incorporated into our 2 yearly productions. We endeavour to showcase what the students have learnt throughout their time at Indiance through the production, showcases, festivals and events.

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Junior Class

Intermediate Class

Senior Class

Meet our dream team 

"Team work makes the dream work". We couldn't run Indiance without this team who makes everything possible. They all volunteer there time to teach, organise, create, manage and

co-ordinate everything. 

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