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Our Goal 

Our aim is to spread Bollywood dancing and encourage all to step out of their comfort zones. During the course students gain confidence, learn about Indian culture, learn to work as a team, grab opportunities and make plenty of new friends and of course learn a whole array of Indian Dance.

Join our Dance School

We would love for you to be apart of our dance school and community!

Download our contract below and email it back to us to join OR feel free to request more information.


Classes are arranged so that students gain the maximum benefit. We want to see the maximum growth in dance technique and stage performance and this starts from students being in the correct class. Students may be moved into a different class at any time if teachers find that the student will be better suited in a different class. We currently have a Junior class, 2 Intermediate classes, a Boys class and 2 Senior classes.


Each term will be approximately 12 weeks long, as we also practice during the two week holidays. Fees for each term will be $160.

Performances and opportunities

We try and take up as many opportunities for our students to perform. The more performances our students are exposed to, allows them to feel and be more comfortable on stage.

Some opportunities our dancers have experienced are:

  • Diwali festivals (Auckland based) 

  • Holi Festivals 

  • Christmas in the park 

  • 60 Seconds Tv Show

  • Charity events 

  • Private performances (Garba nights, weddings, receptions, parties etc)

  • Our Dance Production and Showcases 

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