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Welcome to Indiance


About Our Dance School

A strong passion for dance and Bollywood led to the birth of Indiance. Since its formation in 2004, the Indiance family has grown from having only a handful of members, to over 85 students aged 5 to 35. Along with providing dance classes, Indiance produces theatrical "Bollywood" style drama productions. This is created by our own committee that writes the script, designs costumes and choreographs the dances.

We love EVERYTHING Bollywood! The variation of dance Styles within Bollywood, the typical storylines, the music and the excitement, the colours, the exuberance, the energy and the vibrancy that comes with Bollywood. We love bringing this all alive and to your local stage.​

Swara's Dance Workshops

Visionary movement coach

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After the hit Bollyheals and Bollyitems workshops by Swara in 2018, Indiance is bringing back Swara for even more to share with the NZ dance community


These workshops are for all dance enthusiasts looking to have a good time and connect with others through the shared joy of dance. The goal is to build community engagement through interactive movement, icebreakers, connective dance techniques, and exploring group formation work and partnering.


The workshops are open to all and no dance experience is required!

There are 4 workshops: Bollywood, Semi-Classical, Bollyitems & Goddess Synergy workshop. 

For more info and to buy your tickets for the workshop click on the link below!

Moti Veraana - Navratri Dance Cover by Indiance

Moti Veraana - Navratri Dance Cover by Indiance

We present to you ‘Moti Veraana’- Dance Cover by Indiance Garba is a beautiful Gujrati folk dance centered around the divine feminine energy in all of us. It celebrates, honours, and worships the feminine form of energy; Goddess Durga/Amba. As we dance around the centre in circles, we recognize that through birth, death, rebirth, life stages, even through monthly, weekly, daily changes the feminine energy within remains constant. Let us be empowered knowing we are strength, courage, beauty, power, grace, love, and happiness. Let us Garba! Song - Moti Veraana by Amit Trivedi & Osman Mir Choreographer - Akshita Nama Videography - Roshan Nama, Nash St Editing - Roshan Nama Director: Anjali Rattan Dancers - Akshita, Anjali, Anya, Hena, Jayshree, Jiya, Kajal, Kanishka, Karishma, Khushi A, Khushi S, Naimita, Neelam, Rachna, Rayna, Rhianne, Riya M, Riya P, Sasha, Shreya, Shyaal, Vaishnavi, Vaneesha, Venisha, Yaashi. INDIANCE: Instagram: Facebook: Website: Email: ROSHAN NAMA Instagram: NASH ST: Instagram: Facebook: Email: Location: Hare Krishna Mandir, Kumeu Disclaimer *This video is non-profitable, non-commercial, and purely for dance and educational purposes only. No copyright intended.
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