Indiance's 2017 Show


Indiance, proudly presented ‘Finding Aaliyah’ on 22nd July 2017 at the ASB Theatre in Auckland's Aotea Centre. Featuring a cast of over 150 people, Indiance showed Auckland why it is known as New Zealand's Original Bollywood Dance School and Production company. 


View the 'Finding Aaliyah' trailer to the right!

Watch the story of Veer and Farhan as they are pushed by society and its pressures. See how they discover friendship, love and loss through dance and an intriguing storyline. Fall in love with Mr Khan as he takes us on a tour around India.


After the huge success of ‘The Bollywood Express’, ‘It Takes a Village’, ‘Bombay Beat: Bollywood Heat’ and 'The Arranged Divorce', Indiance brought even more dance, drama, colour and glamour.

With over 12 years of dance and drama under its belt, Indiance made Bollywood come alive right in front of your eyes. The intriguing storyline, the actors and dancers, the lighting and costumes and foot tapping Bollywood tunes took everyone on a magical journey through love, tears and laughter.