A strong passion for dance and Bollywood alike led to the birth of the Indiance. Since its formation in 2005, the Indiance family has grown from having only a handful of members, to over 85 students aged 5 to 25. Along with providing dance classes, Indiance stages theatrical "Bollywood" style drama productions, created by our own committee that writes the script, designs costumes and choreographs the dances.


We love Bollywood! The variation of dance Styles within Bollywood, the typical storylines, the music and the excitement, the colours, the exuberance, the energy and the vibrancy that comes with Bollywood. We love bringing this all alive and to your local stage.

Indiance can be found performing at local events around Auckland including, Auckland City Council Diwali Mela, Auckland Indian Association Diwali Concert, Independence Day events, and your own private events.

Dance School

Indiance dance classes have been running since 2004. From over 15 years experience in teaching and choreographing we train our students to be accurate, versatile and expressive as performers. 

Classes are held weekly for students aged 5 through till 35 in our studio in Lynfield. We currently have six classes with approximately 60 students. Our aim is to spread Bollywood Dance and encourage all to step out of their comfort zones. We believe in training, in correct technique and growth. With Indiance, students gain confidence, learn about Indian culture and make plenty of new friends.

Past Shows

Our most recent show, 'Finding Aaliya' was in July 2017 at the ASB Theatre, Aotea Centre. Indiance creates Bollywood Dance drama's from scratch by writing their own script, choreographing, directing, lighting and props, costumes, teaching and more. Indiance makes Bollywood come alive in front of your eyes. With approximately 100 cast and crew, hundreds of costumes, acting and dancing, backdrops and props, lighting and effects, producing and presenting is another joy and challenge for Indiance. All done by passionate volunteers.

In 2013 Indiance presented a worlds first with the Bollywood Dance Drama in 360 degrees. Indiance amazed the 1600-strong audience and sent them on an enchanted journey, filled with tragedy, friendship and love, and expressed in the brilliance of 360-degrees, Indiance put on a show that many will not forget and still talk about till today.


Past Shows:

2017 - Finding Aaliya

2015 - The Arranged Divorce

2013 - Bombay Beat:Bollywood Heat

2011 - It Takes a Village

2009 - The Bollywood Express

2007 - Love on the Run


"Our vision is to ensure our children and youth are given the opportunity to express their creativity in a vibrant, challenging and fun environment"


"Wow...that was such an amazing show! Last night was actually the first Bollywood spectacular I've seen in Auckland, and you guys and girls rocked it!"


"The costumes were great, and of course the dancing was amazing, felt like I was watching an Indian movie!"


"What an amazing experience, full of laughs and giggles and even some tears"


"Feel proud to say Indiance has been on par with many International shows. Lights, sound, placings, angles on a 360 degree stage, choreography, music and costumes, all very well coordinated"


"Faultless acting from the whole cast!"


"I'm wondering how you are going to better this one! A few new comers came with us this year and they couldn't believe it was locally produced"